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We Can When You Can’t


What is happening in your life? Why are you at this site? Is your schedule a roller coaster out of control? Is it time to “align it all” but are asking – where do I begin? You just took the critical step, acknowledging your situation and needs and we respond with – We Can When You Can’t.

Align It All knows there is a plethora of people who are scattered and overwhelmed with commitments and daily life. Our Personal Assistance, Concierge, and Errand Services offer the help that brings life back inline. We assist companies, individuals, families, and actually anyone with tasks that need to be tackled and completed. Your time should focus on business, career, family or simply yourself. It is our mission to help people live a more stress-free life.

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What We Do

Corporate Services

Looking for that employee perk that sets your company apart- Align It All has the answer. We offer companies packages of concierge hours that can be distributed to employees. An employee met their monthly sales quota- 2 free hours of concierge time to help them get personal tasks done. Someone worked late to meet a deadline- 2 free hours of concierge time to help them with errands. The possibilities are endless!

We can also be your companies’ personal assistant, helping with tasks such as: errands, filing, organizing and a variety of jobs that correspond to your business. We can when you or your employees can’t.

Personal and Senior Services

Resourceful, attentive, efficient and patient, describes how we assist any individual, family and especially seniors, for so many requirements that become difficult to perform. Our services focus on the needs of the busy overloaded professional and the overwhelming concerns of families and seniors. Consider us your Personal Assistant, providing the necessary support to help complete everyday tasks. This allows individuals time to do the things that are a priority, while living a more stress- free life.


I am so GRATEFUL for Diane Bennett. She is an earth angel in my world. She has helped me create a beautiful new living/working space in my home and let go of things that no longer serve my higher purpose/good. Change is never easy, we fight to hold on and we fight to let go. Progress is impossible without change. Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Thank you Diane for helping me to be the change and let go. Your biggest fan forever.

Carl Gunderson

As a caregiver for both of my parents between 2001 and 2015, I was in need of help in various ways. Diane Bennett was supportive with whatever was needed. Sometimes it was just taking a list of things that needed doing, sometimes shopping for the best prices on items Mom and Dad used a lot of, sometimes fixing a meal or just playing cards. Diane has a natural easy way with elderly people which is a true asset.

Joy Naylor

Diane Bennett was a caretaker visitor for my mother, Clara Hayes, for some time when my mother was in her early 90’s, now she is 95 and has been staying with us.  My mother was so fond of Diane as she is very personable, loving and caring.  She was trying to crochet an afghan early on and it required some sewing to tie together, Diane did that for her and she was so happy.  The girls I had which were associated with Diane were all top of the line helpers so much better than I had gotten from other services I hired.

Sylvia Doughty

For several months, I have had the assistance of Ms. Bennett and her organization with housekeeping, shopping, sorting mail, and other concierge services. Without doubt, this has made it possible for me to spend much more time on activities of my choice rather than on household routines.
I must emphasize that in all respects Ms. Bennett has been respectful of my household routines and is punctual, and frequently anticipates my needs. I can therefore highly recommend this exceptional person for the household assistance which she offers and delivers in a very pleasant and professional manner.

Dr. Anthony J. Bowdler

I was very fortunate to find Diane, who has been assisting my 88 year old father. My father made an immediate connection with Diane and thoroughly enjoys Diane’s visits. Diane is extremely reliable, careful, trustworthy, flexible, and observant, often noticing things that need to be done that she can assist with. It has been a pleasure working with Diane.
Jon Bowdler

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Estimate
  • Confirmation

1. After an initial call or email, we will schedule a meeting for assessing the services needed and suggest a plan of action.

2. An estimate for suggested services will then be provided. Any questions or alterations to the project will occur at this time. Once services are decided and approved, the most convenient times for the services will be scheduled and a required deposit is collected.

3. A confirmation call will occur 1-2 days prior to the scheduled service(s). Arrival times will be prompt and services completed to the client’s satisfaction. The balance for services will be due on the final day of services, unless prior arrangements were made.

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Expertly assisting businesses, professionals, individuals, seniors and families, in endless ways, in order to meet their everyday demands, goals, and to enjoy life!

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