A Path to Peace of Mind – 5 Stress Relieving Tips

Stress is a state of mind….

This is true, but stress is also a product of our lifestyle, the demands and the expectations we put on ourselves, and others put on us. Is there hope for having peace of mind? Yes, but in many cases it takes a willingness to change and to accept help.

The Positivity Blog gave a great example of a situation where a lecturer raised a glass of water and asked “how heavy is this glass of water”.

The audience blurted out various weights. The lecturer then replied that the weight didn’t matter. He stated that what did matter is how long you held it. If you hold it for a minute that shouldn’t be a problem.

Holding it for an hour could get pretty painful. And if you held it for a day you would probably need an ambulance! In each situation, the glass of water weighs the same but the longer it is held the heavier it becomes.

This is also true for the stresses in our lives. The longer we carry them around without changing our mindset or way of life the more difficult it can get. There are tons of information out there talking about how you can reduce the stress in your life. Some being more practical than others.

Here are five stress relieving tips that may help you find a path to peace of mind:

1. Stay away from negative people and conversations. This means minimizing watching the news since most of it is negative.

2. Don’t dwell on the past. It is done, let it go. You cannot change the past but you can forgive others and forgive yourself and move on with positive thoughts for the future.

3. Learn to be patient. This may sound easier said than done but before you respond to a situation in haste try these tips:  stop, breathe, and ask yourself if or how should I respond to this situation from a place of calmness and peace.

4. When put in an uncomfortable situation close your eyes and envision yourself in your “happy place”.  For me that is a beach on a warm day when the sun is coming up first thing in the morning.

5. Ask for help! When you are overwhelmed and stressing about getting tasks done find help to alleviate some of that stress and free up the time to do the things that are important to you.

Getting help when you feel overwhelmed with everyday tasks is so important.  Many people today feel like they must do it all.  Women especially, (but men too), take on the role of “superwoman”, (or “superman”), driving themselves crazy with the duties of home, family, (many times children and parents), and career. Why did we ever take on all of this with our perfectionistic idealism.  For many years I was right there in the thick of all of that! Starting Align It All is the direct result of feeling pushed to my limits trying to be “superwoman”.

path to peace of mind- peaceful woman

There is a path to “peace of mind” and that path does vary from person to person. Being willing to change and apply stress reducing practices will help you follow the path to your peace of mind.

Align It All is here to help you. We Can When You Can’t, take on your tasks to completion, helping you to have less stress. Please contact us to get a quote on any task that you need help with so you can find more peace of mind.

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