Preparing your home to sell fast- 4 things to do

Is it spring yet?

If you can’t tell by the weather you can tell by the housing market.  Typically spring is the busiest season for home sales and purchases.  Preparing you home to sell fast and at the best price, requires some things you will want to do.

Let’s face it not everyone has a budget to totally renovate their home, buy new furnishings and get rid of everything that they have had for the last umpteen years. But there are some cost- effective technics that you can do that will definitely help show your home in it’s best light.

Curb Appeal is big when preparing your home to sell fast- 

If someone pulls up to your house and sees over grown shrubs, peeling paint, and a fading yard ornament that has been there for the last 15 years you will be lucky if they even want to get out of the car. A fresh coat of paint (something fairly neutral, not everyone loves purple ), will do wonders. As much as it may pain you to pull out overgrown shrubs do it! And plant some new smaller ones that give the impression that you have pride of ownership and have taken good care of your property. Oh and that yard ornament- pitch it!

De-cluttering is big when preparing your home to sell fast-

Ok I said what is obvious but sometimes we need a little reminder. Less is more most often when preparing your home for sale. This is the time to go through closets, (yes people looking to purchase your home will look in your closets), drawers, shelves, the basement and the garage to de-clutter.

de-clutter preparing your home to sell fast

My rule of thumb often is, if I have not used something in the last year or two I don’t need it. At the very least box things up and neatly stack boxes in the garage or basement storage area.


 A Squeaky clean house is big when preparing your home to sell fast-

OK well maybe not squeaky clean but a clean environment is what you need to strive for. Kitchen and bathrooms need to sparkle and smell fresh.  Floors vacuumed and mopped and marks washed off the walls. Try to look at all those things that have become invisible to you over the years and clean, clean, clean.

Final touches are big when preparing your home to sell fast-

Now that you have de-cluttered and cleaned you don’t want to forget about those finishing touches. Keeping the environment neutral is a good rule of thumb, but having a little pop of color can be a good thing.

Purchasing a couple of new throw pillows and perhaps a couple pieces of artwork can bring life to a room. A fresh vase of flowers can do wonders. And make sure that there is a clean scent throughout the house. Nothing overpowering.

Ready, Set, Go- it is spring and time to get that house on the market! 

If you need assistance with prepping your house for sale Align It All is here to help. With all the demands of life having a task assistant to help you align it all gives you time for career, family and yourself!  Please contact us to discuss any task assistance you may need.

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perparing you home to sell fast

Diane Bennett- owner