I’m Turning into My Mother- And It Is Great!

When we are young we always think that we will never be like our mothers.

No way, we won’t act like she does or say the embarrassing things that come out of her mouth. As much as we believe that at the time, it is inevitable that we will eventually morph into our mothers. I’m turning into my mother and it is great!

My mother, who I love dearly, did her share of saying and doing things that totally humiliated me as a teen. Now when I look back at it I find some of the things she said so funny!

One Mother’s Day the whole family went out for lunch.

Mom was so happy to have us all together. The waitperson came to take her order and asked if she wanted soup or salad with her lunch. Mom’s response was, “well how big is it”.  She thought the waitperson had asked if she wanted a “super salad”! I can’t help but laugh when I think about that Mother’s Day.

So here I am, middle aged and I have started doing things that I think to myself, mom could have easily done that.

One example happened this week.  I purchased two greeting cards for friends of mine. One was a Thinking of You card for my friend who had hurt her back. The other card was a Sympathy card for a friend that lost her husband.  The cards were about the same size and both had a blue envelope. You know where I am going with this…. Yes, I sent the Thinking of You and your aching back card to the friend who lost her husband, and I sent the Sympathy card to my friend with the back problems.  How embarrassing! But I did have a good laugh over it. One of the first things I did was call my brother and tell him I have officially turned into mom.

I'm turning into my mother who was the greatest mom!

In many ways, I have turned into my mother. Not only do I look like her, I say and do things that I think she could have done.  And all I can say is “Thank you God”. I’m turning into my mother and it is great!

I hope you all have a memorable Mother’s Day!

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