Storing Reusable Water Bottles

My dilemma with water bottles began at the lake house.

Ok, we call them water bottles but they can also be referred to as boat drink bottles. You get where I’m going with this, right? We all have them and use them for a variety of things. They house liquids including: water ( their namesake),  sport drinks, coffee, juice, and boat drinks as Jimmy Buffett so wisely phrased it. Thank you oh wise one Jimmy Buffett.

I have a cupboard full of water bottles, and they were a mess.

First of all, many of the containers are too tall to just stand up so they need to lay sideways. Some are very large and bulky, and some are on the smaller side.  Some of them have screw on lids and some have lids that include straws. With all these variables you can forget about stacking them unless you want an avalanche when the door is opened.  Is this something that sounds familiar to you? My mission was to find a solution to this problem.

Then it hit me.  I’ll check Pinterest-  the Dumbledore of household wisdom.

And sure enough there it was,  solutions to my conundrum.  There were, as I anticipated, many creative ideas to ponder. But there was one great solution for storing reusable water bottles that caught my attention.

Household Management 101The Stackable Water Bottle Storage Rack suggestion from Household Management 101. This ingenious idea is to use wine bottle racks as water bottle storage racks. If you get the individual stacking type the storage can go as high as the area you are placing them in.  Eureka! No more tumbling tumblers.  Another great organizing solution.

My plan is to research and provide innovative storage ideas on my blog every week. Please join me on my weekly mission to find great organizing solutions.

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