Happy Seniors- Research Shows 3 Main Explanations Why

The Seniors I have had the opportunity to work with, for the most part, have been happy.

This may seem baffling to most of you. Why would they be happy if they have aches and pains, can’t do many of the things they used to, and realize fulfilling those bucket list items may not happen? You would think they would be the unhappiest age group. Why is it then that most elderly are Happy Seniors? Perhaps wisdom does come with age.

happy senior

One of my Grandmother’s saying was “live and learn, die and know nothing”.  Seniors, with their years of living, have learned much that they can pass on and teach us.

There is a great article from the Fountain View Retirement Community in New York that talks about the three things we can learn from happy seniors.  The article states that research found, despite the physical changes that aging adults have, seniors are the ones who consistently are more satisfied and happier than any other age group.

Research also found that there are three main explanations why there are happy seniors:

  1. Seniors Focus on What Is Meaningful– In younger years the focus is on raising a family, careers, and all the responsibilities of daily life. After retirement enjoyment becomes the focus. Also, perhaps the realization of time constraints put priorities in line and the emphasis is then on what is enriching and meaningful.

     2. Seniors Have Less Negative Emotions- As shown in a Stony Brook University study worry, anger and                     stress are significantly reduced in our older years. Negative emotions peak in late 20’s an early 30’s, then it                     steadily declines as we age.

      3. Seniors Are More Trusting and Optimistic- A study from Northwestern University and Buffalo                              University found that happiness in seniors is directly correlated with being more trusting. Perhaps as we age we            don’t sweat the small things, we forgive, and become more trusting. This reduction of stress makes room to be              more optimistic.

Granted, there are those seniors who are alone and depressed.

The seniors that we assist at Align It All comment that companionship is a major part of their emotional happiness. We all need some degree of friendship and camaraderie to be content. A Business Insider article mentions a study from University of Massachusetts that found that those who feel isolated develop feelings of insecurity and self- doubt.

I have been blessed to help seniors and learn so very much from them.

Their lives, although not perfect, have given them a journey of lessons and wisdom. Spend time with a senior and see how much you learn and how good it makes you feel. Happy Seniors can be a true delight and just maybe their happy mood will wear off on you!

Align It All loves helping seniors and being a companion to them. We would be glad to discuss our services and how we can be of assistance to seniors in your life.  Please contact us if you would like more information: alignitall.com, 734-417-3284, dianeb@alignitall.com.



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