1st Step in Selecting Paint Colors- Knowing the Moods Colors Create

Have you ever wondered why some rooms make you feel calm or why some make you feel anxious? Paint colors create moods, knowing that is the 1st step in selecting paint colors.  Something as simple as the paint color of a room can dictate your mood and how you feel.

Instinctively we select colors for areas of our home to emit a certain feeling. For example, if you want a calm bedroom you wouldn’t paint it a bright red. Shades of blue or green is typically used to create a tranquil environment.

Paint Colors Create Moodschart from the Paper Mill Store- color moods for paint colors

You might get stuck when trying to choose a color to paint a room. What will it say about me if I paint my living room orange? Or, should I use purple to create a calm guest room?  This chart from the Paper Mill Store, may be of help when selecting what colors to use.

Are any of these color descriptions a surprise to you? I never felt purple was an “arrogant” color. But, I did always associate purple with being luxurious.  There are multiple meanings for each color.  Some with little variance and others, like purple, have conflicting meanings. This is where your gut feeling and intuition about a color comes into play.

What hue (shade) you select will also play a big role in the mood that is created.

For example, these two shades of yellow can make a room feel totally different. Proving colors create moods.

Sherwin Williams 6911 Confident Yellow

Sherwin Williams 6911 Confident Yellow 

This yellow is bright and bold and may create an uplifting mood, but it also may make someone a little anxious with the intensity of the hue.


Sherwin Williams 6686 Lemon Chiffon

This shade of yellow is still considered warm and cheery, but with a more sedate hue it creates a calmer mood.

It’s not just the basic color that needs consideration when selecting a paint color for your home. The 1st step in selecting paint colors is determining the mood or feeling you are striving for. It is true that color creates mood, but the hue (shade) of the color is extremely important in creating the mood you are striving for too.

There are so many colors and shades to choose from that it can be extremely overwhelming. I have always had a passion for color and found that color selection has come easy for me since receiving my Interior Design degree. If you are having a hard time figuring it all out I am more than happy to help. Please feel free to contact me with any color questions you may have.


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