5 Tips to Stay Organized During the Holidays

Here they come, like it or not, the end of the year holidays. We didn’t even get past Halloween and there were Christmas decorations in the stores and Holiday commercials on TV. It seems to get earlier and earlier every year. But not to worry. I have some ideas on how to keep your holiday anxiety to a minimum.  Here are 5 tips to stay organized during the holidays, and help you reduce anxiety!

1.Make a List

If you make a list of all you must do to get ready for the holidays, then you don’t have to constantly think about it.

Making holiday list to stay organized during the holidays

Even though you may have an overwhelming number of tasks to complete you will feel more in control having it written down.

And to make your list more effective, set deadlines as to when each of the tasks will be completed. Then as you complete a task and check it off the list you can feel a great deal of accomplishment, and it will help keep you organized.

2. Keep Track of Your Gifts

As you start to purchase gifts make sure to keep track of what you have purchased. I must admit that there has been a time or two when I discovered a gift in the back of my closet long after the holidays were over.  Now I keep a list on my phone of each person I am buying for and each gift I get them. And if I hid a gift, I put a l reminder note where the hiding place is. This should help keep over-buying to a minimum.

3.Review What You Have

review what decorations you have before you go out and buy to stay organized during the holidaysBefore you go out and buy more wrapping paper or decorations look at what you already have. More times than not you will discover items that you totally forgot about. By taking stock before you buy you won’t double up on supplies and spend money that you didn’t need to.

4. De-clutter

Tackling those de-cluttering projects several weeks before the holidays will help you stay organized and reduce your anxiety.  Cleaning out the pantry is always a good thing to do before you start the endless baking for the holiday season. Get rid of the expired food and restock with the basic supplies you are going to need. 

Relatives coming over and that spare bedroom has been your dumping ground. Several weeks before they arrive is the time you want to get that room in order too. I’m sure you can think of a few de-cluttering projects you have been meaning to get to.

5. Help is a Good Thing

If your sister-in-law wants to know what she can bring to dinner don’t tell her that you have it covered, and she doesn’t need to bring anything. Ask her to bring a dish or supplies that will be needed. If your spouse asks if he/she can help don’t say no! Plan ahead for what tasks you feel comfortable getting help with. Then you will be prepared when someone asks if they can be of assistance. And if they don’t ask, you can ask them for help!

As they say, “time is of the essence”.

The holidays will be here before you know it and this year you can stay organized and reduce anxiety by doing these 5 tips.  If you feel you don’t have time to complete all your holiday tasks, or you would rather utilize your time in other ways, Align It All is here to help! “We Can When You Can’t”.  Contact us if you would like to discuss your organizing needs and how we can help.

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