5 Health Reasons Why You Should Get Organized

It’s time to make those infamous Year’s Resolutions!  Every year mine include: working out more, losing 10 pounds, have a healthier lifestyle, read more, etc. etc. One resolution that I will be adding this year is getting more organized. I have found 5 health reasons why you should get organized too. 

Here are 5 health reasons why you should get organized:

1.Less Stress- 

I don’t know about you but when my office or home is a mess I am stressed out! I feel out of control when I am searching for something and it takes me far longer to find because it is not where it is supposed to be.

more energy

When I do take the time to get organized I feel so good. I’m more in control and relaxed when I know exactly where things are. Plus, then I have more time to do what I want to do.  

2.More Energy- 

Trying to work in a cluttered space can really zap your energy according to WebMD . When my home or office is a mess I feel totally drained. Taking time to organize your space may allow you to work more energetically and efficiently.   

3.Improve Sleep

Did you know organizing can help you sleep better?

better sleep

Clutter in your bedroom is stressful and can impact how you are sleeping, per the Huffington Post. A cluttered room can make you tense and uncomfortable. Making your bedroom a serene decluttered environment may help you sleep better.   

4. Make Us Happier– 

People with cluttered homes are more depressed, according to a study in Personality and Social Psychology . Taking time to clear the clutter will not only make your space look better it will actually help you feel happier. I know I am a happy camper when things are organized and decluttered.    

5.Can Lower the Risk of Heart Attack- 

Want to lower your risk of a heart attack? Then get busy cleaning and decluttering. According to Readers Digest and a Swedish study of 3,800 senior citizens, those who regularly clean and do household chores have a 30% lower risk of a first heart attack. Which I guess makes sense if you think about it. More movement with doing chores is actually exercise, and as we have been told exercise is good for your heart.

With all these health benefits involved with getting organized, maybe you will want to include getting organized a resolution this year too!

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