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Art Consulting Services

Dianna Soisson

From contemporary to realism, we can provide original art pieces or reproductions to fit any budget. We strive to provide the “WOW” factor for your environment, making your corporate statement. Large, small, 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional, we can provide options to bring your environment to life.

The process begins with meeting to review your expectations, visually see the space, and discuss the budget and timeframe. We will then provide you with a quote for the art consulting time for the project. This includes the time for: researching to find appropriate art options, providing artists details of your vision for any commissioned pieces, organizing presentations, committee meetings, preparing product quotes, procuring the selected art, delivery and installation coordination.

We work closely with you, your team and/or facility staff to insure the entire process goes smoothly and the final result exceeds expectations.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Diane and her crew was absolutely worth every penny. From concept to installation, they managed every detail of the complex project, met our aggressive timelines and facilitated direct coordination with various artists. The most remarkable part of the experience was the unveiling of custom made pieces for a feature area of the project. They were better than we imagined, and created a beautiful focal point for faculty and staff. I look forward to working with Diane on many future projects.”
Kate Stahl

Rotating Art Exhibits

An additional art service we provide is rotating art shows within businesses. The exhibits are in specific areas that are designated for changing art. After seeing your facility, we can recommend a space where art exhibits would show well. That might be a lobby, room or hallway, where art can be well presented. Then approximately every 8-10 weeks we will change the exhibit to another artists work. The art is listed for sale but the only thing you purchase is the art consulting time to arrange for and install the exhibits. This is a great way for corporations to support local artists. Why would an artist do this if they are not selling you their work you ask? The exposure. This allows for your employees as well as your clients to see their work.

For several years (until they closed the campus) I was the rotating art exhibit coordinator for the Pfizer Global Research Center in Ann Arbor MI. They started with one area on the campus as an art gallery space. It quickly expanded to 5 gallery spaces where I rotated shows approximately every 8 weeks. We coordinated artist talks and receptions around various exhibits, which fit into their marketing plans. We even had a yearly employee art exhibit which was a big hit!

Rotating art exhibits are an inexpensive way to expose your employees to interesting and creative works of art. Not everyone will like every exhibit, but I guarantee it will provoke conversations and just might encourage them to think out of the box.

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